You want to own a stationary car…

Owning your own car is often considered an expression of independence and success. However, the advantages of owning your own car have their price:

The purchase and maintenance are very expensive and time-consuming.

The cost of a medium-sized car, e.g. a VW Golf, is around 6,000 euros per year for an average mileage of 12,000 km.

About three quarters of these are fixed costs, i.e. taxes, insurance, maintenance, TÜV/ASU, parking space costs and loss of value. They accrue even if the car is not moved, which is the case on average 23 hours a day. …

… or would you rather like to share a car?

In car sharing, several people join together to share several cars and thus the associated costs as well.

Car sharing is an option for all those who do not need a car every day, but would like to have access to one.

Another advantage is that there are different cars available, an e-mobile can also be used under the same conditions.