Rent a car, how do you do it?

  1. Personal admission in the association Taubermobil e.V.
    Please contact the board to arrange all formalities personally. There will be a briefing on the procedures in the association as well as an introduction to the vehicles and the electric car.
  2. Booking
    The desired car is booked via the 24-hour online booking system or by telephone through a member. Please note that the electric car must have had sufficient charging time for the planned journey (half an hour is enough for up to 50 km).
  3. Let’s go
    The car can be picked up from its fixed parking space and will be parked there again.
  4. Parking spaces:
    VW Golf Variant (with trailer hitch): Weberdorf (Milchlingstraße 22).
    Ford Ka: Ford Autohaus Weber (Herrenwiesenstraße 64)
    Renault ZOE (E-car): Protestant community centre (Härterichstraße 18).
  5. Refuel / Recharge
    Every user is obliged to refuel the car before returning it, if the tank is only a quarter full. An Avia fuel card is provided in the car for this purpose. An Avia filling station is located in Mergentheim at the roundabout (Herrenwiesenstraße). Otherwise you can fill up at any petrol station – the money must be presented and a note made in the logbook. The user submits the receipt and is reimbursed with the bill.
  6. Logbook and accounting
    In the vehicle you will find all the important documents including the protection certificate. Before and after each journey, the mileage and any damage, conspicuous features or soiling – including inside the vehicle – must be entered in the logbook (with photo and time).
  7. Costs
    There is a km tariff (0,28 €/0,30 €) and a time tariff (day/night). You can find more information here.

Use of the vehicle

Many of these things are already regulated in the rules of use, but we would like to point out the following points again:

  • Careful handling
    Please treat the vehicle at least as well as if it were your personal property. If you get the car very dirty inside or outside, you have to clean it yourself afterwards. The use of unpaved roads is not allowed (because of insurance).
  • Smoking ban
    Smoking is prohibited in all vehicles.
  • Transport of animals
    The transport of animals is not permitted.

Non-compliance will result in an expense allowance and penalty.

Behaviour in the event of a breakdown / accident

  • Secure the scene of the accident (hazard flashers, safety vests in the door compartments, warning triangle in the boot)
  • Take a picture of the damage and the situation (mobile phone, camera), draw a sketch of the accident
  • +49 (0) 7931 – 9 48 27 61- central telephone number (taubermobil board of directors) to report incidents and to inform the subsequent user. (Please let it ring until someone is reached. It rings automatically if there are several board members).
  • if necessary call the breakdown service for an emergency repair
  • Insurance: Badische Gemeindeversicherung, fully comprehensive cover with excess and protection certificate (for documents see glove compartment)